Delivery by Design has teamed up with Guardian Ad Litem and our old friend Cynthia Shafer who started Beds for Kids.

Delivery by Design, design firms, and Beds For Kids are a natural fit. Dbd will be picking up, moving, storing, and delivering used beds, mattresses, frames, cribs, dressers, and nightstands for many of the needy children right here in SW Florida.

If you or any of your past or present clients are disposing of any of these items, please contact us. We will gladly pick up the donation and see to it that it gets to a child in need.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Voices for kids program, Bed for Kids was started in 2001 because grandparents on fixed incomes couldn’t afford to purchase a bed for their grandchildren. They were in a “catch 22″ situation. If they didn’t have a bed for the child, the child remained in foster care until they did.

Cynthia Shafer, a Guardian Ad Litem and Voices for Kids Board Member, and a her husband John, stepped in and started Beds for Kids to fulfill that need. In 2006, they supplied over 185 beds for kids. They try to get the beds donated but with the demand it’s not always possible. Cynthia and her husband set up the bed or crib, supply sheets, a new pillow, blanket, and place a stuffed animal on the pillow. It’s a great feeling when a child reaches up and grabs your hand and asks, “Is this my bed?” For example, in the first weekend in April, Cynthia had requests for 18 beds. She put together cribs, bunk beds, delivered furniture, and over 30 sets of sheets. In return, Cynthia received smiles and hugs from children who were able to fall asleep with dignity and delight. Can you help?

Please call Tonya Thomas-Schrott @ 239-997-5437 for more information.